My experience with programming

I basically consider myself a (jack-of-all-trades). Needing to build or fix something, I get books on the subject and read it. If I have any questions, I will find and pick the brain of a person whom I think knows more about it than I do, a friend or stranger. Sure I make mistakes and end up over buying parts or supplies, but I call that par for the course of learning. Let’s face it, education has its cost, even self taught ones, the books and mistakes all add up. Being a village idiot I am sure to have spend lot more on my education than most people in my endeavors. My experience has taught me that nothing under the sun is rocket science, not even rocket science itself. It’s all basically copy and paste, a coding jargon.

Programming has been the biggest hurdle for me. After many years of buying books and writing codes on my desktop, it seems I just can’t wrap my head around it. Programming books and documentation are a subject for another post, they get you started but that is all.

I started out with scheme, don’t even try that one, went quickly to Python programming language and their Django framework. Dabbled on C, C++, wow talk about difficulty. I also tried PHP and it’s Yii2 framework.

To make a long story short, learning to write a software for example a contact, address book with user interface just didn’t seem to seep into my head. Not even as a copy and paste route. I could have bought a propriety software, but I wanted to learn how they did it and make my own. Propriety software means you can’t look under the hood in order to copy and paste some code of theirs for your own need and or customize theirs.

With websites becoming popular, I jumped at learning to code my own website. Very early on websites were all statically built with html and css (will write a post on that another time). All you had to do to play around with it was to write the code and save the file with .html ending. and open it in your browser and you were able to see how it looked on the browser, without needing hosting services. Reading about websites and hosting websites, I learned quite a bit technologically about servers and internet. I find it all fascinating and easy to learn up to a point.

Shortly afterwards it all became very complicated when libraries, frameworks, and JavaScript popping up. I decided to tackle the frameworks next, as each programming language had at least a half or dozen frameworks to play around with. I played around with more than a dozen in different programming languages. They are all basically a software to help you build a website rapidly if you have quite a bit of programming skills in a particular language.

Although I believe learning html, css, and jQuery (a JavaScript library) you can build quite attractive websites without delving into all the complexities created so far today. All this is because I want to built websites for others in need of one and wanting to make money at it. I fantasize about starting a hosting company. I know there are a million hosting companies out there, but I say one more or dreaming it won’t hurt.

There are softwares out there to build websites without needing to know how to code, but even a ready made software, very expensive to boot has a learning curve. This website is an example of my point, it is wordpress software on hosting. I am still trying to learn what all the buttons, bells, and whistles do.

But all in all Internet and it’s tools, computer and softwares  are a fascinating topic for me. Hard to keep up with all the changes. I have not given up on learning to program, but I think I should stop jumping around and trying every new idea that comes along. I should stick to one programming language and just go with it till i have it down pat. Learning is a life long process, and I won’t stop learning. Being a senior citizen, naturally there may not be many years left for me, who knows how many, then again so what. I am having so much fun with it. I am surprised all the people I know, are not very much into it from the technological point.




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