Lifting Weights

I was about five or six years old, going with my mother for a visit at one of her girlfriends’ house. The lady we visited had a teenage boy who was not home during our visit. Being a child I went about exploring the rest of the house on my own. While passing by a bedroom with its door left open, I noticed set of dumbbells and a barbell on the floor. Being curious as to what they were, I entered the room to get a closer look at these items. I also noticed a few magazines whose covers displayed these huge muscular guys. Curiosity peaking, I perused the magazines, and began to realize the contraptions on the floor were the means to the end of the type of men gracing the cover and pages of the magazines. Glancing through the pages and seeing the photos of muscular men in different poses was fascinating to me. It didn’t take long for me to know what I wanted to look like when I grew up.

Like most kids when inspired with an idea and acting out on it, I would get naked down to my underwear briefs and start showing my family all the poses I remembered seeing in those magazines. I would expand my chest and suck in my tummy, with bent arms flexing my biceps. It is interesting how well your memory serves you, when the topic is of interest. My parents very much entertained, encouraged my antics.

Wishing for weight lifting equipment and developing my muscles was forever implanted  in my mind while growing up. Anything that had to do with weight lifting would catch my attention. Looking to find weight lifters or weight lifting equipment became a preoccupation. At that time very few weightlifters were around, and they were held in negative light.

In the last decade or so many fitness centers have been popping up. Today most young men and also young women have taken up weight lifting in pursuit of their quest for personal well being. For amateur and professional athletes weight lifting is mandatory.

Reaching my teen years, one day shopping with my parents in Sears Roebuck department store, I chanced upon the sporting goods section. In discovering the weight lifting equipment, began my nagging  my parents to buy a set for me. My parents would admonish me, that I was too young to lift weights.

Then one day, lo and behold, I saw a box in Sears sporting goods section, that contained six long springs with a handle on each end and all in shining chrome. Right then and there I said to myself, I must posses this. Finally I managed to persuade my parents that they had to buy me that set, or else, (I can’t remember what I threatened them with). Few months or so later I was presented with the said same as a present.

Needless to say today being almost seventy years old, I never stopped lifting weights since that time. In my high school I was one of very few athlete lifters going to the basement of the building, where in a section the school had set up a few barbells and dumbbells for the students to use after school. In my adult years, I have joined YMCA/YMHA, European Health Spa, Jack LaLanne in pursuit of my passion for weightlifting and playing sports.

Having competed in sports in earlier part of my life, football, track, wrestling in school years, tennis, racket ball, basketball, touch football, volleyball in my adult years. It surprises me when I think about it, the thought of competing in weight lifting never appealed to me. Being  naive I was never aware of steroid use in sports and weight lifting. Maybe it was a blessing, who knows. I sure would have tried steroids if I knew about it, I’ve experimented with other illegal drugs in college during the sixties. I guess use of steroids at that time was a well hidden secret, where even friends didn’t admit it to friends. Those body builders’ magazines sure as hell didn’t tell me it took steroids to look like Mister Universe or the others adorning their covers and pages.

Today steroid is ubiquitous in lots of sports, even among non-athletes. Endless disqualifications or criticism of celebrity athletes, Olympic athletes, for steroid use in the Media. Not knowing much about steroids, I researched it on-line, the information only delves into the unwanted and dangerous side effects of its use.

I suspect the results you gain from steroid use is only temporary, to maintain your physic and strength you need to use it on a regular basis. If that is true then I am glad, not having heard of or the use of it in my younger days, after all what good is a temporary Hercules.

Please leave a feedback, with disagreements, a position you may have or experienced.



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