One of My Most Embarrassing Moments

I was was about 35yrs old, I had just joined the first and original fitness center of that time “European Health Spa”. The whole gym area was divided down the middle by a glass wall. One side of glass wall was the exercise equipment and the other side was the pool, sauna, steam room. whirlpool area. both sides can observe each other. Pool area had lounge chairs around the pool.

My normal routine was to pump iron, then go to locker room change into a bathing suit and go to pool area.

Well one day after finishing pumping iron, and getting changed in the locker room I walk into the pool area. As I walk in the whole place one or few at a time all turn and looking at me with mouth open and eyes wide. Being young and with lots of vanity (mind you no more than most people my age at that time) I am thinking why is everyone eying me, little self conscience now (not being used to that much attention, I stroll around a bit going to edge of pool and then to the glass partition to look at people working out on the other side of the place. People working out started to stare at me. Now my vanity says to me Kam I know we look good when all pumped up but not that good.

Well to make a long story short a staff member comes over to me, while I’m standing there dead center of the whole gym, by the glass partition, and he says to me, “Sir please go and put something on”. I look down and damn I’m butt naked, and dashed towards the locker room. Well so much for feeling pumped up, to this day I wonder how come no one that I knew there came up to me and say “Kam your naked”. And funny thing, no one after that made a remark to me about it. It was the strangest experience I ever had, not only on my part and my gym friends part as well. As if it never happened.


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