My Frustrations

I march to a different drum beat than most people, and I know I complicate my life in doing so, but I can’t help it I thrive on challenges. It all started in 1996 when I bought my first computer IBM 486, $2400 dollars. Spent thousands of dollars on software. I wanted to learn everything, one can do with a computer. I thought, how hard can it be, specially when I found out how easy it was to build a computer by purchasing the different parts separately and plug all the parts together put the cover back on the box, hook the monitor and keyboard and install the operating system, voila I had a working desktop computer.

I am the kind of person, who needs to look under the hood and wonder how does this thing work. You couldn’t do that then with the softwares, everything was propriety no looky under that hood. Open Source came along and everything changed. You could even get involved in developing, it was welcomed, if you had expertise in programming.

Open Source Softwares’ Documentation were over my head, they show you how to install their software, the easy part, and the software is free. I bought books hoping they may help me more than documentations, lots of bucks. In reading the books I got the feeling the author just copied the documentation and helped to build a simple software which wasn’t of interest anyways. Each author uses a different method than another author on the same subject. It’s a good thing I enjoy reading, even topics that go over my head. Don’t get me wrong you do build something, but left with lots of unexplained questions.

To be fair if I wanted to build a static website its very easy. The basics of a website is html, Css, and you can make a decent static site. Html and Css are very easy to learn, no learning curve involved. Html5 (present version) is used to structure your website. You layout the elements like header (banner), the menu, sidebar, content, and footer of the website. Css3 takes care of the presentation, positioning the element and colorizing your website. That is it.

But if you want a dynamic website, forms for registering and logging in. Database is required. and lots of programming. Get into a framework (example Python Django) less programming (coding), it also has a higher learning curve.

I wanted and still do, to learn how the big guys did it and do it myself, all from scratch. I learned enough to even host my website out of my house, only needing to buy a domain, but its more complicated than that if you want to build a sophisticated and secure site.

In the meantime the computer world passed me by, now all the software are hosted on vendor servers or clouds, nothing to download, you access your software through your browser, and store all your data at their site. Also now people are not buying desktops anymore, but laptops. The latest is the sophisticated cell phones or tablets everyone is into except me I’m still stuck on desktops maybe a good thing. Getting inside laptops and cell phones isn’t going to be easy for me. So you see the technology is moving fast. things have moved exponentially, very fast for me.

So here I am on sharing my thoughts with you. I don’t need to know what is going on under the hood. All I know is that it is based on PHP programing language. Just have to learn how to add widgets and what not. Not much more sophisticated than being on social network. I must admit this is more fun for me than social network. Maybe I was just a frustrated wanna be writer. Writing is a new experience for me.

My dilemma is I am seventy years old, loved learning new things all my life, jack of all trades but master of none. I may get bored with writing, before my subscription year runs out. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained. Thank you for letting me share with you.

Constructive criticism is welcome, after all, one reason I started this website is other people will take interest and add their stories here too.


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